12th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

March 23rd and 24th 2019

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Friday setup anytime till 5pm
. This is not an official scheduled day for any events only set up.
All are welcome to pitch in or just hang out but do not expect any demos.

Saturday 730am

Breakfast 8am

Zeb, Jesus and Mark will be smelting late morning for about 5 hours.

Jeff expects to have 3 furnace runs during the day, late evening.

Matt V will be heat treating blades.

Rick and Matt will be pouring and forging on a bronze sword.

Mid day lunch around 12 noon

All three of the installed hammers are running. Iron Kiss 75, Bradley 100 and the Nazel 2B.

Sunday 8am till 5pm
Sunday is a finishing day. Getting blades heat treated and polished. There will be many forging
demos throughout the day.. The whole team will
share some methods on handle construction and fit and finish. The Iron in the hat will be late afternoon.
This is also the best day to do any show and tell.







Mid day setup


Open forge time
Social Time





Smelting with Zeb, Mark and Jeff throughout the day.






Smelting with Zeb, Mark and Jeff throughout the day.


Iron in the hat late in the day.






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