12th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In
March 23rd and 24th 2019


Demonstrators And Featured Artists

Jesus Hernandez
(sorry guys I just cant bring myself to deleting him :D)I am an eclectic individual. I have been exposed to many different cultures and backgrounds over the years and this reflects in my work. I will take what I think is good or what appeals to me from a given culture and their way of making blades and fittings and using my own creativity I will put those techniques together in the creation of what some people will refer to as a "hybrid" design. Jesus will be doing some smelting and other traditional japanese techniques.
Kerry Stagmer

Kerry's carefully researched work has appeared in many venues: in movies, performances at Renaissance festivals and theatres all over the United States. His hand-chased jewelry pieces take an average of thirty hours to complete and chase. His raised and repousséd work is even more intensive. Increasing awareness among both artists and the general public of these dying art forms has become the focus of much of his time in the last few years

Matt Stagmer

Matt Stagmer has been making swords for over 16 years. He got his start as a maker making custom axes before he even had his drivers licence. Many different artists have inspired Matt over the many years of hanging out and working at the BKS shop. Matt will be demoing some forge work and will be doing several sword grinding demos.

Sam Salvati
Sam is a talented blacksmith. He has been a great addition working full time now for BKS. His knowledge of blacksmithing and bladesmithing far exceeds his age. Sam will be demoing several different forging techniques and giving a talk about heat treating.

Jeff Pringle

Viking Sword specialist Jeff Pringle will be doing a wootz smelt and schooling us on the construction of proper viking weaponry. Jeff brings some spice to our hammer in . His work and more info can be seen on his web site http://vikingswordsmith.com/
Rob "Deker" Dekelbaum was introduced to bladesmithing in 2005 when he took a weekend class in knife making held by the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland. Since then it's been a downward spiral into the flames of the forge. He's been lucky enough to have befriended some excellent smiths who have taught him a lot in a very short time. Deker makes all of his own pattern welded steel and has recently begun working on mosaic patterning.
Mark Green

Mark Green will be doing some charcoal smelting and some water casting of ingot.

Ilya Alekseyev

Ilya is a highly motivated craftsman. His artistry seems to have no bounds. From painting and sketching to repoussé and chasing. Ilya currently works with BKS making armor and other high end weaponry. He will be demoing engraving and other similar techniques.

Zeb Deming
Zeb will be running some of the charcoal smelting and possibly forging of the blooms.
Larry Nowicki
Larry has been a a staple in the knife community since the 70's. After years of martial arts study with an emphasis on self defense the use of knifes he started making knives that best fit practical use in combat and in the work place. He will also be forging some pattern damascus throughout the weekend and other general forging projects.
Jim Frank
Jim will be showing us the art of bow making. He has a vast knowledge of archery and will be sharing a ton of info. Perhaps, he will break out a whip or two as well.



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